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Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia
02, 03 & 04 June

For the first time in Brussels, one of the most recognized professionals, the world champions of tango scenario 2014, Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia. 


Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia, great maestros and dancers, our inspiration and our idols. 


For those who don't know them, Manuela and Juan are exceptional tango dancers of salon and stage with a real tanguera essence. The recognition of their mastery by all Argentinean dancers, their international success and their accession to the title of world champions make us extremely honoured to receive them in Brussels. Since then, they have been travelling and teaching all over the world. Many top professional dancers call on them for their technical expertise, or for their unique choreography composition.


PS: The dancers we are offering you to discover during these famous Stromae Weekends are the best in the world, if not in the universe!


Manuela Rossi and Juan Malizia have been dancing together since 2012.


Juan started tango at a very young age, at the age of 14, in his hometown of San Nicolas, and later added support from other disciplines such as jazz, ballet and also martial arts. Manuela was a ballet dancer throughout her childhood until she was 19. She graduated as a professional ballet dancer from the National Ballet School of Argentina: "She followed a two-year intensive programme at the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes in France with a UNESCO scholarship.


Both of them started tango with other partners but had many of their main teachers in common. 

Dancers, teachers and choreographers, they have been part of many shows and companies all over the world, such as ‘Cafe de los Angelitos’, ‘Tango Lovers’, ‘Tango Legends’, ‘Dramatic Tango’ and ‘Ayres de Tango’.


Juan has been part of the show "Tango Fire" for many years, as well as "Tango a Tierra", "Corporación Tangos", "Piazzolla Tango", "Tango Palace", "Rojo Tango", "Tangos Corazónicos" and "Tango x 2".


Manuela, on the other hand, has participated in "Tanguera", "Tango Porteño", "Esquina Carlos Gardel" and played the main role in the Volkswagen Polo advert "Last Tango in Compton" in 2010.


In 2014, they participated in the world famous film "Our Last Tango" where Juan had the lead role as a young Juan Carlos Copes.


It was also the same year that they won the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires in the Stage Tango category; in previous editions Juan had been sub-champion in 2006 and Manuela in 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Other competitive titles include Vals champions at the 2014 Metropolitan Tango Competition, and Tango and Vals sub-champions at the 2013 edition.


Since 2015, they have spent half the year on tour, as dancers, teachers, choreographers and judges of the most prestigious tango events, festivals, competitions and schools in the world.


 ☼ THURSDAY  - 01st JUNE ☼

Open slots for private lessons.

☼FRIDAY - 02nd JUNE ☼

🕟19h30 - 21h00 workshop 1

 Cross and parallel system. Dancing the walk. Different options of Caminatas that help circulation and fluidity.

➟ All levels

🕙21:00 - 02:00 Milonga - DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser

👉Show around 23:30 by Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia



🕟15:00 - 16:30 Workshop 2

Back sacada. Pivot and guiding insights for energy control and movement coordination.

➟ Intermediate level


🕕16:30 - 18:00 Workshop 3

Challenge sequences, testing the limits.

➟ Intermediate and advanced level

☼SUNDAY - 04th JUNE ☼

🕟14:30 - 16:00 Workshop 4

 The different types of abrazo for slides, jumps and lifts. Choreographic effects

➟ Advanced level 


Master class

🕟16:00 - 17:30 Workshop 5

 Complex choreographic sequence

➟ Advanced level semi-professional / professional

(masterclass, priority professionals, advanced level subject to availability)

 ☼ MONDAY  - 05th JUNE ☼

Open slots for private lessons.




⮞1 workshop - 25€ / 23€ members 

⮞2 workshop - 48€ / 45€ members

⮞3 workshop - 70€ / 65€ members

⮞4 workshop - 80€ / 75€ members

⮞5 workshop - 90€

⮞Milonga Friday @Tango Factory: 10€/8€ member


We only accept registrations with a partner. If you do not have a dance partner, please make sure to sign up for your search on our website. 

To guarantee your reservation please make a transfer of the workshops to the name of Tango Factory ASBL, BE26 3631 8098 1529. Communication: WS juan y manuela (+ workshop numbers: ex 2 and 3, or full ws)


+32 0465 73 80 04

8 Rue Volta,1050 Ixelles

free parking n°6a.

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