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Flávia Morari
(Choreographer / Teacher)


My name is Flavia Morari, I was born in São Paulo in 1984, and I'm a Tango dancer and teacher. Besides loving my profession, I love art in many areas, music, performing arts, decoration. Thanks to these hobbies, I have traveled a path that has given me the pleasure and opportunity to dance. I share with you a little of that journey from my beginnings to the present day.

Here we go...



At the age of 9, I remember the day I first saw a Ballet performance. I went to see my cousin who performed with her dance school in the city's main theater. I was delighted to see the movement skills, the dancers were telling a story through movement. It was a great experience, I’ve felt in love. When I came out of the theater I was convinced that I wanted to dance, so I asked my mom to enroll me in the dance school.

 As a child and adolescent, in the process to build our personality and values, dancing has always accompanied me. Through dance I learned discipline and persistence, frameworks for which I am eternally grateful to my ballet teacher.

Dancing involves costumes, dresses, shoes, economic expenses that is just not for everyone. My mother supported the possibility to follow my passion as far as she could afford it. I remember almost giving up a performance because I couldn’t pay my costume, but my colleagues, through a fundraiser, helped me to give my best on the stage, that year. Many people says that dancers has a competitive environment, but I have experienced it as a second family... I am very grateful to these girls, they taught me some values that I will bring it to my entire life.

The most frequent question people ask me is, how does a girl born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, fall in love with tango? I've always liked couple dances. In Brazil there is a great variety, I learned it, I gave classes and I went through several rhythms and cultures, but the tango caught me. It has something so special, a mystique that everyone should dare to explore in their lives. Contrary to other dances, tango does not have choreography, the dance is developed from the feeling, the perception towards the other. The embrace is part of the tango posture, and what happens inside the embrace is practically invisible from the outside. When you dance with someone, you dive in a magical universe, feelings and sensations, we develop; empathy, complicity, the possibility to reconnect with oneself, with the body in order to connect to our partner. To be able to exchange experiences with the other, is incredible, it is healing, for me that and the love for tango, Is what I want to transmit. This is my way of contributing, my grain of sand to the world.

"One can lie with words, but the body doesn’t lie."



I was 12 years old when I had my first tango experience. I was living in the countryside, in Brazil, where I started to follow lessons in a cultural center where different couples' dances are practices... Then I was invited to join a dance company directed by the teacher, in this company I perform for the first time in a Tango show... there I wore my first paillette skirt.



Many years passed from the first time I danced until life brought me closer to tango again. I had moved back to the big city, São Paulo. I was, if I remember correctly, 23 years old, when a dancer friend of mine invited me to visit a tango school in the city. After my first class I was invited to be part of their team as assistant at the school and I accepted. The only thing I wanted to do all the time was to dance, I love it.

The desire to keep learning grew more and more. I quit my job, and I embarked to Buenos Aires for 3 month holidays, and it became more than 2 years.


In Buenos Aires I went to dance in many places, I think when you're 25, you go where the young people go, like El Yeite, Club Villa Malcolm, Milonga 10, La Viruta. Then, as time goes by, you develop your own way of looking at things and give value to the more traditional environments. I lived near of the Medicine University, with easy access to the milongas in the centre. I had the pleasure of frequenting places like; Porteño Bailarín, Salón Canning. I also discovered the traditional, neighbourhood milongas, such as Sin Rumbo and the mythical Sunderland milonga; there is a lot of tango essence.

In those years in the capital of tango, I took many classes, it was a time that has left me a huge mark, I built strong friendships, the same ones that last until today in my life, fortunately! It was a time of growth and evolution in my professional and personal life. I had gone to "live" in Argentina with very little money because, as I told you before, it was a holidays! That of course brought me ups and downs, "I juggled", to continue living there with the only goal of dancing tango. And how lucky that! To dance you don't need to talk much, it's the body that speaks, because I didn't speak Spanish, I could only speak my maternal language. The great advantage, is that the languages are something similar and I always found the way to make myself understood. I reinvented myself, I adapted, I got informal jobs to continue my passion.

 After a few months in Buenos Aires, I was invited to dance in one of the most famous milongas, La viruta, with John Galindo. It was a moment of glory, it left a mark. Being in a place of that magnitude, and with so many people, made me feel complete, and I danced with all my heart.



My mother, who lived in Europe when I was in Buenos Aires, proposed to join her. After so many years far away, the absence was getting difficult...

It was a hard decision, on the one hand I had the possibility to be with my family and open new horizons, and on the other hand, it meant getting away from the nice friends that had become my new family. Also, it was to get away from the Mecca of tango...  My  beloved  Buenos  Aires. I decided to take a chance, to bet on a new opportunity. The day I was leaving Buenos Aires, I remember how much it was painful, I could not avoid my tears of grief when I said goodbye to my great friend, in the corridor of the airport. I left with a broken heart.

In part I knew what I was going to find, once again going to a place where Portuguese is not spoken, and once I defended myself with Spanish, it was no useful... So in the week I’ve arrived I was enrolled in a French course and had a job.

A short time later, I met an Italian, Salvatore Plano, who proposed me to participate in his project, which also were Clotilde part of, an Argentinean who became a great friend and with whom we continued the project when Salvatore moved away from the country. So I started my tango story in Brussels, giving lessons, organising events, transmitting my passion and the Argentinean culture. The first year was difficult, but enriching. In the second year I had already elaborated two projects and received an invitation to work Netherlands. I stayed in Amsterdam for a year, got to know another culture, another way of thinking, and guess what, another language! I was already an expert on that. Life kept leading me to the right destinations and the right people. In Holland I met Pibe Avellaneda, he is one of my mentors, he worked on me a facet of self-confidence, as a dancer and as a person. He transmitted me values, fascinating and magical stories of tango.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Following his advice, I returned to Belgium, I’ve found a studio and started my own project. Tango Factory was born.




Choosing to create a space like Tango Factory has a strong value and a great commitment for me, I feel happy about the path I have been walking, even more, when I feel that I have been able to overcome my fears and have managed to hear my heart. Many people advised me to take dancing as a hobby and dedicate myself to something else because being an artist is very difficult. Today I know that you have to follow your dreams, no matter how difficult the path, even if they seem unattainable. I'm getting closer to fulfilling my dream than to going back.

I feel very lucky. What a joy to be able to work and  my passion. Life has been connecting me with amazing people, they lived the tango roots, the milongueros.

The club tango factory would not be the same, if it were not for the great team we have, a human factor of high quality, proud of them, that accompany me, support me, creating the best proposals and giving the best of each one so that everyone feels like a family, finds a place where they can spend a pleasant moment, leave the routine, and connect with others.

My invitation to everyone who wants to come and join us. You will find in the tango environment a group of teachers trained to teach Argentinean tango and its culture. You will find a space to make friends, learn and share.


  • On a Tuesday milonga called "los locos", in Amsterdam, I’ve choose, with friends the name Tango Factory.  Inspired by Andy Warhol.

  • I didn't had many fixed dance partners, which allowed me to work with different people, know and develop different techniques, adapt and be versatile. Apart from valuing individual work, one has to develop one's own dance and body awareness in order to connect with the other.

  • I belong to two tango companies in paris.

  • Thanks to my work I have known many countries.

  •  I was born in Sao Paulo Brazil in June, lived in Buenos Aires AR, Giavera del Montello IT, Amsterdam NL, and now live in Brussels BE.

  • My favorite quote is: "Better than being happy is living life!"

  • One of my wishes is: To live near the beach and nature.

  • I have deep admiration for: Some leaders who changed the world and fought for the people, like Martin Luther King. For my mom, total warrior. For the lady who comes every day to give food to the cats in the street. For the people who fight for their dreams and contribute to the universe.

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