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Hernan Alvarez Prieto & Flávia Morari
01 & 04 May

In partnership with Tango aux Frontières, we are delighted to announce two days of workshops and a unique dance experience with Hernán Alvarez Prieto and Flavia Morari in Mouscron! Hernán, a true representative of Argentine culture, brings with him vast knowledge and passion for dance, while Flávia complements his expertise with her experience in various dance styles and tango.


Get ready for a learning and entertainment experience in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere! 💃🕺

The Culture of Popular Dance


South America Unites Us: Flavia, from São Paulo, Brazil, and Hernán, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, were born in places where the culture of popular dance permeates the streets, the air, and the atmosphere of the city. This is how our paths crossed, leading us to this great connection that is reflected in our way of dancing and teaching tango.

Hernán Alvarez Prieto, a passionate milonguero and DJ, has made a significant imprint in the world of tango. He began his career in 1996, inspired by the great masters of the past such as Gerardo Portalea, Puppy Castello, and Turco José Brahemcha. He made a name for himself as a DJ in renowned milongas as early as 1999, including iconic venues such as Confitería Ideal, La Milonguita, Salón Canning, El Beso, among others.

Over the years, Hernán has continued his quest for improvement and learning, collaborating with famous milonguero maestros such as Jorge Dispari and María del Carmen, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Eduardo Pareja, Raúl Bravo, Nito and Elba García, among others. His skill and passion for tango have led him to accompany renowned milongueras and participate in demonstrations with renowned figures such as Natalia Hills, Stella Missé, and Inés Muzzopappa.

In addition to his remarkable work as a DJ and dancer, Hernán has left his mark on numerous international tango festivals in cities such as Seoul, Chicago, Brussels, Antwerp, and Buenos Aires, including the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and Championship several times. His experience and expertise led him to be part of the jury of the Tango BA 2023 Festival and Championship, where he was honored for his career with a special mention from the Buenos Aires City Legislature.

Hernán Alvarez Prieto's journey as a dancer, teacher, and DJ reflects his deep commitment and contribution to the world of tango, establishing himself as a respected and admired figure within the tango community, both nationally and internationally.

Flávia Morari discovered her passion for dance in São Paulo, where she was introduced to different styles from a young age. However, it was during her adolescence that she discovered tango, and her true passion took root. Fascinated by the emotional expression and deep connection of tango, she continued her journey to Buenos Aires, where she lived and danced for several years, exploring traditional milongas and dance clubs in the Argentine capital.

Flávia Morari trained in tango with Geraldine Rojas, Moira Castellano, Manuela Rossi, among others. She also participated in tango companies in Europe such as Tango ART and Romeo & Juliette. After enriching her experience in South America and Europe, Flavia co-founded Tango Factory in Brussels, a space dedicated to learning and promoting Argentine tango culture.

Today, united by our shared love for tango, we are preparing to embark on a tour through Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, aspiring to transmit not only the steps and techniques of tango but also the spirit and soul of this iconic dance.



 ☼ WEDNESDAY  - 01st MAY ☼

public holiday

 🕛12h: Collective BBQ

Each one brings their own food.


🕒 3:30 pm - 4:50 pm: Workshop 1

Musical interpretation of "Tigre Viejo"  

One of the most beautiful tangos, in this workshop we will teach you how to interpret this beautiful tango.

➟ All levels


🕔 5pm - 10pm: Milonga

show by Hernan Alvarez Prieto & Flávia Morari

☼SATURDAY - 04th MAY ☼

🕚 11am - 12:20pm: Workshop 2

 Exploring the Essence of Salon Tango

In this workshop, we will delve into the true sensations of salon tango, while mastering the technique to connect with our partner. We will learn the importance of breathing, relaxation, and how to create a comfortable "abrazo," fundamental elements to stand out on the dance floor with refined elegance.

➟ All levels


🕧 12:30 pm - 2 pm: Lunch -

Spanish Alberge (Each brings their own food.)


🕑 2pm - 3:20 pm: Workshop 3

Tango Orillero - The Father of Tangos

We will explore the history of Tango Orillero, precursor of tangos, and its impact on our dance. Discover how bold movements, such as boleos and ganchos, emerged from this style, shaping the dance we know today.

➟ Intermediated / advanced

🕔 3:30 pm - 5pm: Workshop 4

Milonga: Organization of Structures and Musical Interpretation.

In this workshop, we will explore the art of milonga beyond steps and sequences, focusing on the organization of structures and musical interpretation. We will learn to identify appropriate moments for each step, understanding that milonga is not just about running. Discover how to dance milonga successfully and enjoy a fluid and expressive dance.

➟ Intermediated 




⮞1 workshop - 25€ / 45€ couple 

⮞2 workshop - 45€ / 85€ couple

⮞3 workshop - 65€ / 115€ couple

⮞4 workshop - 85€ / 150€ couple


We only accept registrations with a partner. If you do not have a dance partner, please make sure to sign up for your search on our website. 

To guarantee your reservation please make a transfer of the workshops to the name of Tango Factory ASBL, BE26 3631 8098 1529. Communication: WS Hernan & Flavia Mouscron (+ workshop numbers: ex 2 and 3, or full ws)


+32 0465 73 80 04


Tango Aux Frontières - Chau. de Lille 210, 7700 Mouscron

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