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 Wedding choreography 
A great way to surprise your guests!

Couple marié Dancing

Why not you!!!

The opening of the ball by the bride and groom is a great classic of romance, what could be more beautiful than to see the love of two people concretized by a dance in couple.

It seems to you to be a fantasy, you are not dancer, do not have a sense of rhythm but it is not.  You just have to take the plunge.


A team of professionals at your service.

Tango factory has a team of professionals and a dance floor that can be put at your disposal. Together and in a private way we will build a choreography adapted to your availabilities your strong points. Each choreography is unique to each couple like love.

Our team is used to teaching couple dances, especially the Argentine tango which is the most complex but the most distinguished of the sensual dances. We have a wide range of movements and if you wish, we can integrate elements that are important to you (seen in a movie or video clip: carry, slide, pass game, etc...). We give you the technique, the elegance, the rhythm and the classic style, comical to your desire. 

info & devis


Our team of teachers may need to know:
-The size of the dance floor,
-The orientation of the tables in relation to the floor ?
-The location of the head table in the room. 
-The type of floor.
-The type of clothes and shoes.
-The play of light: pursuit for example?

Vidéos de révision

At the end of each session, the teachers will film what has been done during the lesson. Then you will be able to review at home.


Private lessons are given on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 10am to 18pm. You can book classes up to 1 year in advance for the best slots. 


les formules et tarifs:

10H course 550 euros
15H course 750 euros

Other possible formulas on estimate
Additional hour out of the package 40 euros


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