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 REGISTRATION ALONE OR IN COUPLE: There is no need to register as a couple, single people are welcome, we will take care of finding your dance partner. In addition, like in Buenos Aires, we also change the partner during the lesson. 

 NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IN THE COURSES: The number specified in each course is the maximum number of participants WITHOUT EXCEPTION, our priority is to fix our attention on the quality of our work and not on the quantity.

 POSSIBILITY TO FOLLOW PRIVATE COURSES: Of course, all our teachers are available for private lessons in couple or solo, do not hesitate to contact us.

 PARTICIPATION IN A SINGLE LESSON: It's possible to follow a single lesson as a try-out, this single lesson is PAYED, it costs 15€. After that you can make the final registration for a full course. 

 COURSE ENTRIES: Send us an email via:, or use the form on our website. The final registration will be at the moment when you receive an answer by email with our acceptance.

 MISSED LESSON: If you missed a lesson you can catch-up any time during the committed trimestre, on another day in the same dance level or a level below. Another option is to catch-up in the guided practica on Fridays. 

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