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Practices and milongas are regularly organized, always with new guests and new participants from the outside : teachers or DJ’s, Argentines, South Americans, Europeans come to share the wealth and the diversity of tango and its protagonists in a grand scale. The challenge of Tango Factory is to become a reference point, a house, a mixture of styles with a guarantee of quality, an inevitable stopping-off place where dancers come from Argentina and of everywhere else to enjoy Brussels’ tango …

The idea is to create a multidisciplinary home, the room will also be used for diverse activities around tango and rioplatense culture: movie projections, dancing lessons, theater, self-expression through movement, etc.


Director and teacher

Tel: +32 (0)465 73 80 04

Flávia Morari - Dirctor

Guest Teacher 

Tel: +31 (0)625 44 47 12


Former offices near the Cemetery of Ixelles, the place is occupied by artists of any horizons today, in a friendly and creative atmosphere.


It is an open space to everybody, for everybody, a home where we can share tango, its culture, and other forms of art. In class or in the ball, we can come there to study, have a drink, have a lovely time, see our friends or meet new ones.

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