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TEAMDANCE is another way of looking at teambuilding in your company.

Tango Factory offers you to live an original activity around the Argentine Tango, through three different formulas.

Each of these formulas are designed to create a link and fun with your colleagues. Our dance teachers are also animators and will ensure a friendly atmosphere in our school or in your company.




Package 1


Package 2


Package 3





Argentina invites itself in your company for a dance class. To the rhythms of the bandoneon and the violin, let your team discover a Latin culture and this unique dance that has become a UNESCO world heritage. The tango is much more than a couple dance, it is the essence of the collaboration between two individuals to form one in the movement.

This workshop guarantees you to discover a universe and to share a privileged moment with each of your colleagues. You will feel the positive effect of dance in your body and mind.

 Practical info: number of people min 10 max 50
                        accessible to all
                       french/ english
                       duration from 1 to 2 hours

flyer trial lesson intera.jpg

-You will be supervised by a team of young and passionate teachers who will guide you step by step.
- A judicious selection of tango pieces among the large number of existing orchestras.

formule 1 teambuilding




An original and funny challenges, the members of your company will compete alone, in pairs or as a team in games that call for tango notions (guidance, energy, rhythm, sharing). You will listen to Argentine music and learn to listen to yourself through the tango technique.

At first, supervised by our school's coaches, they will teach you the basics of tango technique sufficient to meet the challenges.
The games give the opportunity to practice or discover different aspects of this dance. The course and the aspect of the challenges give more to laugh and to let off steam than to count the points which are secondary to the stakes of this meeting. The pairs and teams are constantly mixed to allow cooperation with a maximum of colleagues.

practical info: number of people from 8 to 20max 
                       French / English
                       duration: 1h30 

Clothing advice: smooth shoes and clothes you are comfortable in.

team building
formule 2 teambuilding



The challenge is to discover a choreography and to manage to execute it on the theme of the Argentine Tango. Each member will have a role to play for a certain length of time and each one will have to let go of his or her control in order to play it with the support of the other members.  Seduction and self-confidence are two things that everyday life can sometimes attenuate but that you will look for in order to carry out this scenic project all together.


-The coaches ensure the choreography and its learning

to all members of your team.
- Objective: elegance and self-esteem in entertainment.

Practica info: number of people: 20 max
                            Possibility to film
                             Duration: 1 to 2 hours.

Clothing advice: cocktail dresses, tuxedos or just white shirts, black pants, smooth shoes.

formule 3 team buiding
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