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Flávia Morari & David Samaniego
18 & 19 NOVEMBER 



A special Tanguero weekend with FLÁVIA MORARI & DAVID SAMANIEGO.

✨David Samaniego is Argentinean and currently lives in Barcelona.
A dancer with a very interesting peculiarity, he combines the qualities of traditional tango knowledge with the search for sensitivity and connection in the dance.
His passion also goes towards the horizons of stage tango, a true artist, passing through tango companies and theatres like the mythical Folie Bergère in Paris.
With his eccentricity, he brings a fresh air to tango, in his unceasing search for the art of dance ✨

Don't miss the opportunity to experience this moment with us.


☼FRIDAY - 18th November ☼

🕢19:30 - 20:50 workshop 1: Elasticity in the abrazo.
We will focus on the different types of contact, both in the open and closed abrazo.

We will analyse the elasticity of the embrace and the possibilities of movement it offers us.

➟ All levels

🕘21:00 - 22:00 Guided Practica by Flávia & David

🕙22:00 - 02:00 Milonga Dj. Peng.
👉Show around 23:30 by Flavia & David

 ☼ SATURDAY - 19th November ☼
🕟16:30 - 17:50 Workshop 2: Changes of dynamics & musicality

1st part- Adagios: We will focus on slow movements. How to prepare the body, communication with my partner and interpretation of the music.

➟ Intermediate & advanced level

🕕18:00 - 19:20 Workshop 3: Changes of dynamics & musicality
2nd part - Variation: How to go from slow to fast? We will do a mini choreographic sequence as a mode of study.

➟ Intermediate & advanced level

🕣20:30 - 01:30 Milonga La Cellule:

👉LIVE MUSIC Córdoba-Donoso-Woiz trio + DJ David Samaniego.

 ☼ SUNDAY - 20th November ☼

🕙10:00 - 17:00 Open slots for private lessons.


⮞1 workshop - €20 / €17 members
⮞3 workshops - 55€ / 48€ members

⮞Milonga Friday @Tango Factory: 8€/5€ member
⮞Milonga Saturday @La Cellule: €15

⮞Package : 3 workshops + PRACTICA & MILONGA on Friday:
💥special price: 60€ / 50€ member
Ps. The Saturday milonga is not included).

⮞Private course: 70€/h - 60€/h members



We only accept registrations with a partner. If you do not have a dance partner, please make sure to sign up for your search on our website. 


+32 0465 73 80 04

Rue Volta 8
1050, Ixelles

Facebook// TANGO Factory 
Instagram// TANGO Factory



Born in Avellaneda in 1988, he grew up in the south of BSAS Quilmes, a multidisciplinary artist who began his relationship with the artistic world studying fine arts. She was introduced to dance through rock and roll and in 2009 migrated to tango, a discipline that allowed her to develop her great passion for dance and music. 
In the same year she moves to Barcelona where she studies some other dances and works in different artistic disciplines (dance, theatre, visual arts, audiovisual, fashion tattoo, among others). 

Works :
In 2013 she starts her work in tango in Barcelona with Clara Silveira. In 2014 she started dancing in the company Tango Amado, under the direction of Veronica Palacios, Omar Quiroga and Jorge Pahl. Participating in shows at the teatro de gracia, teatro del raval, at the Festival de Sitges and at the Festival Barcelonta Tango Glam. Two years later she moved to Italy where she started to teach at the catania tango club school of Luna Palacios. In 2017 she returned to Buenos Aires. Since then she has performed in the main milongas of the capital of Buenos Aires, participating in the Tango World Championship of Buenos Aires. He has worked with different teachers such as Hugo Mastrolorenszo in the 24m project, with Mario Morales in the show Calles de Tango, with the company Puerto Tango under the direction of Leonel di Cocco, with the company tempotango directed by Ignacio Gonzáles cano and in the tango house Esquina Homero Manzi, doing a show every night directed by Gachi Fernández. 

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