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Lucas Malec

Guest teacher

From Buenos Aires - Argentina


LUCAS MALES is a musician, Tango DJ, dancer and teacher from Buenos Aires. Lucas Malec trained for over 20 years as a musician in the Conservatory of Buenos Aires and the Conservarorium van Amsterdam where he received his Master degree in Composition.


He is a founding member of the "Cuarteto Pannonica" that has performed in the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires (s.a. Salon Canning, Milonga de los Zucca, Mandrilera, etc.) and Europe.


As a dancer he has been collecting information from top level dancers such as Javier Rodriguez, Alejandra Mantinan, Geraldine Rojas, Ezequiel Paludi, Lorena Ermosida taking lessons with them in regular bases and exploring a style that allows him to translate his musical knowledge into movement and expression within the style.


In amsterdam he is the director of "Tinta Roja" Milonga & Tango School, where he gives lessons and receives regular guest teachers from Buenos Aires. As a DJ Lucas Malec 'El Tabernero' has also plays music in some of the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires and different countries of Europe, and festivals and marathons in Holland, Belgium and France.

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