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Karim Callens


From Lille - France


I am a tango dancer for more then 11 years, before that, since my childhood I practiced martial arts. Having received the black belt of judo, I went from the art of unbalancing an opponent to that of preserving the axis of my partner. Fortunately for the rest nothing changed: "have a good ground and dissociate the top of the lower body" is it executate in both disciplines.

My first teacher was a meticulous and a demanding old man, he teached me his passion for this dance and his knowledge which still follows me in the footsteps (of dance).

Since then I have made my way, expanding my technique through the maestros and dance partners I met between Brussels, Paris and Buenos Aires.


Today, being strong from the lessons I learned during this time and these exchanges, It's my turn to share my knowledge and love for Tango.

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