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Flávia Morari

Directrice et professeure

From São Paulo - Brazil


Flavia Morari was born in Brazil and began dance at the age of seven opening her journey into tango at the age of twelve.


She studied disciplines such ballet, contemporary, circus and theatre, before perfecting her tango in Buenos Aires.

She trained there with Pibe Avallenida and also other maestros : Chicho, Javier Rodriguez, Mario Morales, Julio Balmaceda, Carolina Boaventura, Aldana Silveyra …

She danced in Caminito, in milongas recognized all over the world such as la Viruta, and developed her experience in teaching beginning in her homeland of Brazil. After developing her dance in Amsterdam, it is today in Brussels where Flavia decided to share her knowledge and lifestyle, with the beautiful project Tango Factory.

Of diverse influences, Flavia’s dancing combines a rare technical solidity with total commitment. She possesses a deep knowledge of the diverse techniques, from the most traditional salon style to extremely virtuose stage tango, which make her work with dancers such as John Freddy Galindo, Joaquin Torres, Octavio Fernandez, Santiago Castro …


Today she puts her knowledge in service of her dance and students, to transmit them to a tango both historic and modern, an inimitable style, and last but not least, a lot of pleasure.

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