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Summer Program

For the first time, Ezequiel Merlo comes to give a workshop in Belgium. We know him as a Dj. and this time he comes also to teach his vision of tango. 


About Ezequiel: "Se dicen de mi ...."
If you dance with him or see him dancing, you will notice his original musicality and you will definitely be able to recognize his unique and flawless style, his analysis of the basic movements, the rhythm and the harmony ...; In its formation we can find from the classic sources, from ballet and contact improvisation to Argentinean folk dances. His passion is Tango and he has trained with almost all the masters of the current tango scene. Dancing or teaching always reinforces the importance of "being" and why not ... the true listening that leads to Love.


19:30 - 21:00: Workshop: connection and musicality.
We aim at the perception of our internal music. Recognizing our internal and external supports.
We will work on musical techniques to find our own timing and apply in the dance couple and from that, we can expand the improvisation of our tango.

Goal: to find our own music, our pace. And also feel the musicality of my dance partner. And also we can build our dance, unique and anrepeteable.


15€ Workshop

17€ Workshop + Milonga


Info & subscription

(+32) 0465 73 80 04

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